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Special eCarTec Newsletter - presenting companies at the 1st International eCarTec Paris Conference

Special eCarTec Newsletter


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Date:                            April 12, 2010

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Overwiew about the presenting companies at the 1st International eCarTec Paris Conference



With 12,000 employees in 30 countries and sales of 935 Million Euros in 2009, FCI is a leading manufacturer of connectors for various markets such as automotive, telecommunication infrastructures and consumer and industrial electronics.

FCI has recently launched several innovative high power connector solutions for the EV and HEV market. These are developed to meet the booming demand for high power interconnections from virtually all automotive OEMs worldwide.

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dSPACE develops and distributes tools for the development of ECUs and mechatronic systems worldwide. Using dSPACE systems, manufacturers of controllers and electronic control units (ECUs) are able to dramatically reduce their development times and costs, and systematically increase their productivity

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Eltek Valere AS

The Green Way with HE Technology from Eltek Valere

Eltek Valere is the industry’s leader in green, high-efficiency power technology and is advancing its goal of becoming the “greenest power in the industry” through innovative power solutions and excellence in product quality and customer support. Headquartered in Drammen, Norway, Eltek Valere is a global leader in power electronics offering advanced power solutions for mobile and fixed-line telecom networks, for industrial and solar applications, and for electrical vehicles; products include rectifiers, converters, inverters, enclosures and alternative energy solutions. The company has more than 2,000 employees, offices in 25 countries and sales in more than 100 countries. Founded in 1971, Eltek Valere is part of Eltek ASA listed on Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE).

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F. Walther Sarl

Walther, European manufacturer of industrial plugs, is currently working on the standardization of the « E-mobility » plug and propose different solutions for electric vehicle’s load for uses in workshops, habitats, industries, public and specifics sectors. Studies on the load infrastructures based on the different economics and strategic models for the implantation of the terminals (for cars, bikes, motorbikes, boats...)

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Concutix-Wampfler AG – Delachaux Group

Inductive power transfer is obviously a breakthrough technology for the acceptance of electric mobility: the charging process becomes automated and therefore safe and convenient, there are no cables to handle, the connections to the mains can be reliably planned (smart grid considerations), the optical disturbance in cities as well as protection against vandalism or weather are no longer issues.

IPT®Charge is an inductive coupling system which provides automated, that is fully intervention free, and efficient battery charging for all kinds of vehicles, for instance electric cars and buses, industrial trucks and most other similar vehicles.

The charging process is optimized by a constant interaction between the onboard battery management system and the track supply. The track supply only provides the instantaneously required power. In contrast to conventional charging systems – conductive and “plugged” inductive systems - IPT®Charge does not use any plugs or paddles and is fully intervention free.

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EnWi-Etec GmbH

The EnWi-Etec GmbH in Rogglfing / Bavaria (Germany) is your professional partner for complete solutions in the connection technology of photovoltaic plants and specialist for electric vehicle charging stations.

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ESG France SAS



ESA European Space Agency



Marubeni Corporation






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